3D on Slice - is it possible?


Hey guys,

This may be a stupid question, but does Slice/XBMC support 3D? I have a friend who rips his blu-rays to mkvs, would that be possible with 3D-blu-rays? Is all the 3D’ing done on the tv? As in “the source is only a weird looking mkv, but the tv knows how to display it in 3D”?

I’m new to 3D, so I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge (and language skills) - thanks in advance!



Yes 3D is supported and it will work only with a 3D TV. Depending of the model the TV will detect it or you have to switch the 3D on via remote yourself. But it’s all pretty straight forward.


Sweet, exactly the answer I was hoping for :smile:
Thanks for the quick reply, have an excellent friday night!


Looking forward to getting my Slice.

Quick question on the 3D playback, will Slice be able to play Full SBS or just Half SBS?


both :slight_smile: without a problem


Really? That would be great, I was under the impression that Kodi was cpu dependent on playing Full SBS.


More recently the Raspberry Pi firmware added the capability to playback MVC (multi view codec) there really aren’t very many platforms capable of playing those!



Is there a way to file the 3D movies separate from the main library?


I am having some issues with 3D playback. It seems that somehow the alignment of the two images is some how being shifted. So that the image is ghosting instead of popping out all 3D


Has anyone had trouble running Full Side by Side, 3840x1080? I have a few movies I’ve ripped using DVDfab, and play smoothly on my pc, but have had problems on my slice. One movie won’t even start and another displays it all blocky and pixelated.

Half SBS work great with no problems, love that it senses it and switches automatically to 3D, and the TV changes into 3D, then when I exit it goes back to 2D.


The hardware is only capable of playing 1080P30 video, it doesn’t handle full side by side (this requires twice the processing capability)

You could try overclocking the device, the most important overclock values you’ll need to adjust are the sdram frequency and core frequency, but I would be surprised if it worked!



For reference, to increase the Core and sdram frequency you need to modify or add the following two lines to your config.txt file.
On my Slice they are stable up to sdram = 600 and core = 500. However there is no guarantee that any frequency other than the default will work, so you need to increase each slowly and soak test them for at least an hour to be sure they don’t make your Slice unstable, even then there’s no guarantees as the temperature of the surroundings will affect the frequency you can use.
Regards Kevin.


I’ll just rip them to HSBS, don’t feel too comfortable overclocking the slice just yet. Movies still look great at half side by side.