Accessing Slice remotely through http [ANSWERED]


Slice can be accessed using a computer, tablet, phone etc., simply by entering http://slice through your browser - yet another function that makes this device shine (IMHO). Here’s what you get:

Home page:

Simple remote:

Music library (no rude remarks about my musical tastes please!):

The Ninjas are stone-cold WIZARDS, I tell you…


Better then that, you can actually replace what gets shown over the 80 (http) port. For example, I use a web script which allows me to interface with the meta data so I can change genres , artwork etc via the web interface.


Is there a link to the script, or any info on how to write it?


Here you go

Even better is it looks like it’s be re-written, and is compatible with Kodi - before, it was only fully compatible with Eden - and partially compatible with Frodo/Gotham


I am able to access the web interface using http://slice-ip-addess (i.e. 192.168.1.xx), so it is not a big deal for me, but entering http://slice is not working: just takes me automatically to the unrelated site. This is on linux with firefox, so maybe it is a setting in firefox, but haven’t been able to find anything on why.

BTW: the Slice’s ip address can be found from Setup >>> System Info


Sounds like a setting in Firefox automatically assumes the .com extension if no extension is typed…there will be a way of changing that.

You might also check that it is just http://slice in the address box. Firefox is ‘clever’ at adding commonly-used addresses, ie.a form of predictive text.


I tried with two other, more basic, browsers and they both give host not found errors:
The requested operation could not be completed
Unknown Host
Details of the Request:
URL: http://slice
Protocol: http
Additional Information: slice: Host not found



The problem here is going to be your router, basically when Slice does a dhcp request to get an IP address like - it adds a special field to the request which tells the router it’s name (i.e. Slice)

Now my router and many like it take this name and enter it into it’s DNS (domain name service) table so if you ask for Slice then it knows you mean and will reply with that (that’s what DNS does, you ask for a name and it replies with an address)

One way of getting around this is to edit your router’s configuration and add a static entry for it’s address (most routers allow you to specify a static entry for the device) then add this static value to it’s DNS table…

But as you can believe it’s all a bit hit and miss depending on which router you are using!



Thank you very much for the explanation.
I’ll continue to use the ip address. …My router is in Japanese so I’m not going to mess with it :smile:
I added a bit in the wiki about this:


Thanks for the contribution to the wiki!