Add-ons for Slice (Lightpack)


Hello to everyone.
I want to install Lightpack add-on ( for Slice.

Here is GitHub of this project. (

Does it work with XBMC, OpenElec, etc?
Yes. Prismatik can be run on Linux which is typical OS for this and many other media centers software. Prismatik’s interface should be disabled with a key “–nogui”. Please take notice that basic settings (like turning off/on, switching profiles etc) is performed with XBMC plug-in. Also it’s possible to run Lightpack with 3rd-party software, like BobLight on your OpenElec mediacenters etc.

How to install this add-on for Slice?


Looking at the Kickstarter page and their own site here:
Lightpack website

It doesn’t look like they have a version for the Raspberry Pi yet. With my limited experience of Kodi, I would not class this as a standard addon anyway.

Perhaps email them and ask whether they plan to support the Pi??


I didn’t read the page but this graphic screams out to me that it was being designed to work with raspberry pi and XBMC (Kodi). So if they followed through with these designs it should work.


I have the lightpak, and have it running on Windows and Kodi, I’ll try have a look over the weekend to see if I can get it working on the slice



I have managed to get it working! The whole openelec thing is new to me, so probably more stuffing around to get to where I am at that was required.

Initially I tried setting things up with boblight, with no luck. Then I came across Hyperion, and got things up and running fairly quickly, although I still need to tweak things, as I dont think I have it setup right for the amount of LEDs I am running at the moment.

I will try and have another play with it tomorrow night and see if I can get it to a stage I’m happy with.



I am a little confused on this, how exactly is your’s set up? Is there a second RPi device operating as a screen grabbing server, or did you install hyperion directly onto the Slice?


Its all running on the slice. I’ll post up more info soon, when I get some time to look at it again


We look forward to! :tv:


Did someone got the AmbiLED HD run on the slice with hyperion? After Connection ambiLED i see 2 seconds white light an then I cannot get it to run…


Someone needs to write some software first


instruction for lightpack


D could you make it work? I have the same problem…