Alternative Kodi Remote for Slice


We have our Slice nicely hidden below our tv in a cabinet. So the 2.4GHz wireless remote coming with the Slice is a nice idea so we don’t need to open the cabinet all the time.

The problem is: In the same cabinet is some network equipment, including a WLAN Access Point. The 2.4GHz band of the access point and the 2.4GHz remote don’t play nicely together. Sometime no keys work and sometimes keys are sent multiple times.

As a quick fix I configured an IR remote. But now we have to open the cabinet all the time and IR isn’t really confortable for this use.

When I searched only I only found wireless remotes using 2.4GHz. Is there any alternative working with Kodi that is wireless (no IR) and is not using 2.4GHz?

When the IR Remote doesn’t really want to work I switch to my smartphone and use the Kore App, but not everyone using the Slice has a Smartphone and can work with a touchscreen, so this is not a permanent solution.

Thanks for your Help in advance!


Have you tried using a USB extension cable to separate the remote dongle from the rest of the cabinet? You could always place it somewhere outside in a hidden position. It may then be far enough away to work OK.



Not yet, but I doubt it’ll help. I’ll try it out tomorrow.


I tried that over the last weeks but it doesn’t matter where I put it. As soon as there are multiple devices connected to the AP (2 are enough) I need to press the remote buttons around 10 to 20 times in order to execute the action I wanted.


OK, shame, but good to try the simple things first. The Slice receiver is obviously being de-sensitised by the network signals, as you surmised.

I got one of these a while ago and it works fine. May not meet your spec of a “hidden” device directly but it has its own cable and the IR receiver is a quite small cheap ir remote and (in the UK at least) it is cheap enough to try and it can always be used on another device.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on / solve the problem.