Anyone want to sell their black slice?


Hi, I looking for the black version of the slice. Does anyone want to sell it?


Sorry, not black I know, but I’ve still got my 2TB Red Slice for sale. PM me if interested.

Cheers - Roy.


I have a black 500GB (I swapped the 2TB one out with my PS4 500GB) CM 2 Slice, one issue - ive completely wiped it so you would have to reinstall slice OS onto it (above my skill level) PM me if your interested.

I did contact 5 ninjas to see if they’d talk me through reinstalling the OS but got no reply.Seems they have ditched this and their customers altogether now,


I can try with a little help from this forum to reinstall sliceos on it.
Smaller HDD is okay, because my media is on a netdrive. In what
condition is the box? Have you pictures. Unfortunately I can’t find out
how to send private messages on this board.


I’ve got a black preview version in the box with no hard drive.


Got a black cm3 with Librelec just enough for Kodi.
Works well and currently with 256 GB SSD.
Full accessories and box in great condition.


Whats the difference to the regular version?


Sounds goods, any pictures for me? How much is the price including shipping to Germany?


Know any one how to send private message?


Plain box it’s about the only difference as fast as I know


Ok, just to explain, the CM3 has been installed with a heat sink and the 256ssd is a msata on an adapter, I will also include original CM2 module with original Slice OS
everything else included in original box. Can also leave all my music on it.
I want $250 and it will cost $43 to post 8-10 day service
can post pics only if interested to proceed, but condition can be taken as new.
will accept PayPal payment +3%


Thanks a lot to all. I got one black slice form here, its on its way from the united states to me. :smiley:


Do u still have the red slice for sale


@pdcoo7 what is the connection you have on the SSD? Does having a SSD improve the HD transfer performance in SLICE?


I’m using the provided SATA II interface which is compatible with both HDD and SSD’s.
I believe there is an improvement, as the disk does not need to spin, hence completely silent(which is the main reason why I did the swap) but in terms of performance, I now can’t say if the CM3 module or the SSD provided the improvement as I did bith at the same time; but it certainly is very perky now and I’ve had now issues playing hi res audio.