Anyone want to sell their Slice - Black


I would love to purchase a working Black Slice, with or without a hard drive, and remote.
Please PM me if willing to part with one and price. I live in the US - KCMO. I am willing to pay shipping as well. Thanks.


Are you still looking for one? I have one black model, upgraded to RPi3 with a cooling mod.


Still for sale? I just learned about these and want to check then out. They seem impressive and its a shame they don’t make them anymore.


Yes. It is available. Sent you a PM.


Still availiable?? Looking for one


Have you still got this for sale?


I have a spare CM1 version almost as new. Can’t remember if it has a disk in now or not. And I’ve even forgotten what color it is…
Will ship to anywhere in US, and possibly UK.


Mine was sold to @Moscow805