Audio output through 3.5mm port does not work


Need help! I would like to use my slice as an audio mediaplayer for my hifi-system without passing through my tv. I bought a 3.5mm to optical cable to use the combined analog/optical 3.5mm port and plugged it into the optical input of my DAC (which in turn connects analog to my hifi amplifier). Surprise: i get no signal output from slice into my DAC! Can anybody give me advice? Thanks


@cyrus I am using it that way so it can work (both with CM1 and CM3).
I am not in front of my Slice right now, but you have to configure the audio output somewhere (be default it use the hdmi). Have a look at that in Kodi options. If you are still stuck, I can investigate more on my side.


Sorry for not getting back earlier and thanks for the advice. I did go through the output configuration - hdmi, hdmi&analog don’t output any signal, and ASLA outputs a completely distorted inaudible signal.
Perhaps i would have to forget about the 3.5mm output and buy a hdmi splitter that would allow me to get the audio signal from the hdmi output?



Here is a picture of my settings screen for audio: the selected one will give analogue audio out on the 3.5mm socket as well as optical, from the same (there should be a red light inside the socket if the optical is enabled)

What I have found is that sometimes after a reboot or an upgrade (but not often enough to figure it out yet!), I have to select PI:HDMI, let it be enabled (leave the screen so the option is set) then go back and select the ALSA: Default (snd_slice Analog) and the sound comes back fine.

Another thought: have you tried reducing the audio output from the slice: set too hight it can cause distortion on the analogue out. I am not sure I can see why it would do so on the optical, but worth a try.



Thanks, my screen is slightly different for some reason, but the ALSA default option is the one that gives me a distorted sound, and there is no audio output volume. In any case this should not Impact since i’m feeding an optical Signal into an external DAC…
Thanks again


I finally managed to get distortion out of the ALSA default optical output signal by manually (!) lowering volume on the KODI remote control screen on my iPhone to a level where the cracking disappears…which seems weird to me, since the signal transmitted is optical!
Not sure this is the best way to get high quality audio signal from slice into your HIFI system, but at least it works…
Thanks again for our help!


@Cyrus I agree I would not have thought it would make a difference either but as per my note above, it was worth the try.

Hopefully you are now endowed with good clear audio. Enjoy :smile:



Post recent update I appear to have lost audio output from the 3.5 mm jack. Checking the “Audio Output Settings” I now have only 3 options, as apposed to the 5 options above, where both ALSA options are missing. I’m assuming these are the DAC?

Is there a method to enable the DAC and and get the 3.5mm jack working once more?


I’ve just installed a CM3 in my slice, and flashed it with LibreELEC 8.0.2. There doesn’t appear to be an option for optical out, as tedescn mentions.


@tedescn @guiri

I just used the update via the 8.x.x channel to manually update. I have set the device to manual update but to inform me of available updates. I, too, see the three options.

as per the picture

I then reverted to 8.0.1 and get this

And my audio is back again, had to select the correct output first.

So it looks like there is a problem which should be reported over at the Kodi forum. I am heading over there to to that.

@chewitt it looks like there is a problem… I recall we may have had a simliar problem in beta testing way back when you picked up the build for Slice, that was a missing or incorrect library file perhaps?


Update: reported the problem here

LibreELEC 8.0.1 is out... (CM3 improvements)

Thanks for reporting and submitting the bug to libreelec.


No problem. Pleasure to help.

chewitt has replied with intended fix over at the link to libreelec above



Duplicate post from another topic …

The awesome @chewitt has updated the Slice 8.0.2 release and the audio and LEDs work as they should.

just downloaded via the GUI available updates. It is the 8.0.2 update which works now. It does not give a different version, just update to 8.0.2 and your audio and LEDs should be back to normal. Mine works fine.



PS FiveNinjas, chewiit is after a slice lite kit to replace his dead hardware, I vote he should have one as he provides awesome support for the Slice Libreelec build. I hope y’all can see your way to giving him one.

PPS the link to chewett’s build at is now dead, see post no 6 at


Thank you @guiri and @g7ruh regards confirmation that my issue was a wider problem. Additionally thanks @g7ruh for registering the issue up stream with Libreelec.

As of this morning I’ve been able to download @chewitt’s revised 8.0.2 slice tar file for CM1 and install manually - once again I’m listening to music via the Slice internal 3.5mm jack. Currently listening to Supertramp Breakfast in America :slight_smile:

Lastly I must thank @chewitt unreservedly for turning round this revision so rapidly, my music server and internet radio alarm clock are back :slight_smile:



Thanks for the great work.
@chewitt and @g7ruh I would gladly contribute to a part of a Slice kit for you to continue supporting it in the best way. Let me know if I can help.


Gordon - I would be happy to contribute if you can find a way for this to happen.



Pimoroni have shipped a replacement Slice PCB and PSU to my parents who will pass it on when we meet-up in Spain in a couple of weeks. As long as the CM3 card still works I should be back in the Slice business for a public beta of 8.2 in July and release in August.

Meanwhile lrusak is in the process of re-packaging the Slice drivers/firmware into packages we can embed into the Slice image(s). This is cleaner than current hacking as it allows us to drop a bunch of Linux patches and the build-system difference between RPi and Slice is reduced to two words in a config file. This will make it basically impossible for me to miss patches again - future breakage in a release will require deliberate sabotage. He is also creating a python add-on that hooks into Kodi to drive the LED ring. This allows us to drop Slice related Kodi patches and in the long-term to make the LED patterns for Kodi actions user-configurable.



Thanks for the update. Sounds like a sound plan to make support even easier.

If you need any help in alpha / early beta testing the embedded drivers, just ask.



Hi @chewitt That all sounds great, :slight_smile: thanks for all your work and updates on this, I’ll look forward to the next build, as per g7ruh if you’d like any testing done let me know.


@chewitt - great news. Although we might not say this often enough, the output of your time and effort is much appreciated.

@Pimoroni - thanks for supporting us in this.