Audio via HDMI or Mini Optical TOSLINK



For best audio to a home cinema 5.1 (DTS/Dolby D. decoder) is it better to use HDMI or Mini Optical TOSLINK?


I’m no expert but I wouldn’t have thought that it would make much difference as they are both digital signals. I would go with what is most convenient for your surround sound system, although obviously if you are using HDMI you will need a pass though system to your TV.


In my view best is often simplest, ergo HDMI as a one cable solution with pass through would be the obvious choice.


I know the Ninjas worked on a good DAC and wonder if that hard work will show only via Optical compare to HDMI.

For me the better is all via HDMI :slight_smile: for sure.


I’m by no means an expert but I would assume Optical would be best since that’s a direct connection.


HDMI better for syncing automatically. But in general since it’s only 5.1, there is essentially no difference, especially if you are bit streaming to a receiver processor.


Thank you sounds like HDMI will be :wink: