BCM2836 Compute Module


Shortly after I backed the Slice, I bought a Raspberry Pi B+ just to get an idea of what to expect. As a user of Mede8er 1000, I was amazed about the possibilties with all the add-ons that XBMC offers. One thing that I did not like of the Pi was the slow response installing add-ons and the search on the web for info by these add-ons (trailers, pictures, movie setc ). Since yesterday evening I have switched to Openelec 5.01 and Kodi on the Pi 2. It is truly amazing, add-ons install within seconds and information is retrieved much faster. The whole system becomes snappy. Fiveninjas, please do your best to support the new Pi 2 CM ( and bug Raspberry to make that available) as soon as possible, I love it.


Given that we are lucky enough to have the Foundation’s directors on hardware and software amongst the Ninjas I’d be very surprised in CM2 wasn’t tried in a Slice very soon after the first samples are available :smile: I’d think that Slice will be ready for a CM2 upgrade as soon as the new modules are in the shops.

Gordon (But not THE Gordon)


The Raspberry blog states that the CM will be available in the ‘medium term’. I take that to mean several months at least…


The OpenPi Kickstarter is say Sept delivery based on information they have, so late Q3 /early Q4 would be a good guess I’d think. Having said that, based on how few rumours leaked out about the Pi2, who knows!



Are there any backers who are still awaiting their Slice who fancy holding out a little longer and recieving it with a CM 2 built in? Could this even be an option? @mo . I for one wouldn’t mind the extra wait since I’ve waited so long already. Would be exciting to be cutting edge, rather than last in line, and would make the wait less painful.


James and I were discussing the possibility of having a special advance CM2 version of Slice, which is slightly more expensive that the standard slice, but you still get yours now (with standard CM) then get a fully programmed CM2 as soon as it becomes available.

Does that sound like something people would like?


I would be interested in that option, especially if you did a buy back on the original CM - since I wouldn’t be using it inside anything… Just a thought.

I was a really early backer of Slice, and feel penalised by the long wait, due to issues out of 5ninjas control, but also because I didn’t go for preview but the complete package. To have the chance to return to recieving something cutting edge would be ace.


im interested…want the latest tech in my slice


Unfortunately I don’t think we could buy back the CM1 unless we had found a new use for it




I’d be interested to upgrade to CM2 asap


I’m interrested too, as soon as it’s available definitly :slight_smile:

A CPU and RAM Boost can do only good :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in a change to a CM2 module, although I’d like to know what kind of time frame that would entail.

AS I am one of the £114 group, my Slice is pretty much imminent, once the BB issues are done, so don’t want it to go a couple of months longer.

Otherwise, I’d prob look at the upgrade path later.

Have the Ninjas thought of doing a cheap/plastic case & basic board for the CM1 modules that are likely to be unused?

That way the redundant CM1s could be a basic extra unit around the house, no LEDs etc.



I’d definitely be interested in this option.


I’m looking forward to upgrading my lovely preview Slice boxes with CM2 as soon as it’s available.


@fixedwheelthe CM2 is not out yet so until then impossible to know.


I’d be interested in the CM2 module, whenever it becomes available.


I would like a fully programmed CM2 when available.
On the other hand, what would it take to buy one locally (Tx), unprogrammed and program it myself?


I’d be interested depending on the CM2 spec v cost balance. Whilst I realise I’m probably stating the obvious, I would add that I wouldn’t want any CM2 testing etc. To delay the current software being finalised!



@Gordon I think the SLICE kickstarter should be with CM 1 so they get it ASAP and any order from website as it’s pre-order should come with CM 2 as it will be more expensive and for future sellers it’s better to have latest technology also it will bring more sells then people waiting for a CM 2 version. And for kick-starter project people the CM 2 could be on sell on his own with the program on it :slight_smile:


Quick question, how much does the Raspberry Pi compute module cost that’s in Slice, on the farnell website there’s two for sale