Best connection from slice to DAC?


Hi, can anybody tell me what the best connection from slice to an Audiolab MDAC is? Should I use a 3.5 to coax or toslink cable? I want to use my slice with 2TB HD as an audio player for my ripped cd’s in wav format


Sorry don’t know about the DAC, but have you considered FLAC as an audio format? its lossless so you don’t lose any sound quality that a wav file has but compresses the file size to about 60%, could save a large amount of disk space with a big collection.


Thanks, I prefer to keep an uncompressed database, from there you can convert to any other format, but not the other way round…


FLAC is an uncompressed file format so there will be no quality format. As to the mode of connection, some USB DACs are supported but will surely need to be powered externally if the DAC is powered by USB like my Centrance DACPort. Personally I’d prefer the optical out using a 3.5mm to TOSLINK adapter.



I used to have all my CDs in wav, then I discovered flac and being lossless it is fine as @sarathchandars said above and the disk space use was a lot less. OK for conversion too as it is lossless. I have a large collection (11,000 tracks and growing). To ensure faithful conversion, I use Exact Audio Copy for ripping the CDs as it handles any hardware issues, especially at begin and end of tracks. My library is managed by mediamonkey which I have found works well for me in keeping tags and CD images in order. I then use the mediamonkey convert process to convert flac to MP3 or ipod formats for my mobile devices as required. Mediamonkey keeps them in sync too.

As for the DAC, if you prefer the Audiolab unit, then the toslink works fine with the Slice. I tested toslink but I prefer my analogue out connection to my amp as the DAC is not an audiophile one, just a home cinema amp device. I do use high quality and very short interconnects from Slice analogue to amp.

have you tried the analogue out with a high quality interconnect? I would be interested in what you think as the DAC in the Slice is a good one.

As you may gather, I tend to use my Slice mainly for audio with a little (a few box sets) video.

Hope this helps


Thanks, very helpful information - I hope that my Audiolab DAC which costs 800€ works better than the integrated Slice DAC, but I’ll give it a try -:slight_smile:



I did not realise you were talking about a DAC which costs more than a handful of Slice! I, too hope it sounds a lot better, but if you do test it, it would be interesting to see how you think the Slice DAC compares :slight_smile: