Better local file management?


Christmas approaches, and I’ll be off on holiday taking my Slice with me.

Normally it sits on my network, with the library populated from a share on my NAS.

Can anyone suggest a Kodi extension that will help me manage local files on the Slice?

Ideally it would do some or all of the following, via the Kodi UI:

  • while connected to the network/NAS:
  • allow me to select an item and sync it to the local disk
  • play back an item from the local disk if available, even if connected to the NAS, for performance
  • allow me to remove an item from the local disk
  • when disconnected from the network/NAS:
  • hide, grey out or otherwise identify unavailable titles

Unfortunately I’m having a hard time googling for this; it seems that Kodi with local storage is an unusual setup, so perhaps no such extension exists?


Wouldn’t it be easier to just use two separate profiles in Kodi?
I have a “Home” profile that uses the network share and the library associated with that.
Then I have a second profile for “Away” that uses the internal 1tb hard drive and a different library for that.
It works really well.
Of course that won’t help you with your file transfer requirement.
I simply use the normal “Finder” on my Mac to drag stuff around (or duplicate etc)


I didn’t know about Kodi profiles ( so thanks for that, that should deal with the main issue of having a separate local library.

Copying over USB is a bit of a faff, just because it mean untangling the Slice from behind the telly every time, but it’s not the end of the world.


Is your Slice connected over wireless?
It’s slow, but you can just transfer over your wireless (or hardwired) network.


Actually now that I think about it, I could just ssh to the Slice and do the copy from the NAS SMB share, over the wired network.

Nevertheless - I’ll keep looking for a couch-potato friendly extension which simplifies this so it can just be done from the Kodi UI with the remote.