Black Slice for sale


Got it from the Kickstarter campaign, but I didn’t ever use it, because received a FireTV at the same time :slight_smile:

w/o harddisk


plus shipping from Germany
payment via Paypal


… or make an offer if the price is too high


Hi - how much is shipping to Australia?


shipping to Australia:

16EUR w/o insurance and tracking
19EUR incl. tracking
46EUR incl. tracking and insurance

package will include:

  • slice with latest LibreELEC release (installed today for testing purposes)
  • power supply with EU-Plug (you may need an adaptor)
  • remote incl. receiver
  • wifi dongle
  • screws etc. to mount a HDD

for other countries: please inform here about the shipping costs


£70 offer? Still Available


Unit still for sale?


yes .- make an offer


The black slice is still for sale - but 70GBP was a bit too little.
Please make a serious offer that I cannot refuse.
Will ship worldwide, but please inform in advance about the high costs for destinations out of the EU:
5€ Germany
14€ EU
27€ to 46€ out of EU


Im in the market. You still got it?


Yes, I’ve still got it, but also decided to keep it.
Installed a CM3 and waiting for the heatsink that a friend will make for me.


Damn​:joy::joy: alright gotta keep looking then lol