Bloody build updated to Kodi 15.1 - OpenELEC 6.0



it is not the auto update failing from damaged downloads, I would expect the md5sum type of protection. It is the inadvertent release of an unstable build (deep respect to 5 Ninjas) but these things happen to the best of us :slight_smile: and the consequential damage limitation supporting a lot of end users with ‘trashed Slice’ who do not have the experience to fix it without a lot of help.




Could you ssh in and do the following

cat .kodi/temp/kodi.log | paste

Then post the link we can see if it’s even checking for updates


Mike, here you are



Need to test to see if it should even be logging these, I will test on Monday with a standard build of OE


It will require that you first enable debug by going to setup->XBMC settings->System->Debugging->Enable debug logging

You’ll probably have to set the settings level to expert mode first…



No clock bug here, after ive set up my timezone and country all was well. :smile:

But I have the random flashes of green during the led sequence after first bootup.

And also noticed that I cant edit the config.txt file from noobs.
The option is greyed out, any reason why that is ?!?

Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!

Wel after some reinstalls and experimenting with the different versions i’m back at Bloody.
And for some reason i can now edit the config file again. :slight_smile:

I’m running overclocked @ 1000/500/500/6, the system is stable and nice and snappy now.
But i’ve noticed that although i’ve set gpu_mem tot 128 the system only sees 373mb.
Shouldn’t this be 384mb ?!? (512mb - 128mb for the gpu)
Not thats it a big problem but where are those other 11mb gone to ?

Green flashes at bootup sequence are random.
One time its nog doing it, the next reboot iets happening again.
The nightly build does nog have this problemen only Bloody.


Ok Like to jump In here but I’m A little confused I’m running the 2015-920 release it that the newest?
My time is off I’m set to

Started scanning under music running for bout 5 min now is that normal? Doint this because all album were not found.
si there a skype for you or a irc chan for slice?
Will scanning stop by it self?
can you pin the current build number to the top of the thread?



can you post the contents of \ip of slice\configfiles\



echo pcf8523 0x68 > /sys/class/i2c-dev/i2c-0/device/new_device
hwclock -s


That’s the problem, get rid of that, you can either delete the file or go to

Setup->OpenELEC settings -> System -> Reset System Settings to defaults

This will also wipe your library but you should be able to rebuild that quickly enough… (it won’t touch the hard drive so won’t touch your media files though)



@Gordon, do u mean delete the whole of the file ‘’, or just the relevant text within it??

I have exactly the same lines of text in mine - nothing else, and I also have the clock problem.


I guess because the Slice already knows about the real time clock module (pcf8523) and telling it about it again confuses the Slice, removing it will fix the RTC, I surmise. The I2C bus is easily confused imho :smile:

FYI my has this in it to allow hard disk spin-down and nothing else (default in bloody build)

hdparm -S60 /dev/sda



Basically if you delete the file, that’ll work…

If you edit the file and remove all the lines it’ll work

If you add the hdparm line, it’ll also work!

So one of the above :smile:


Thanks @Gordon, I just wanted to make it crystal clear for the wiki…this is a very useful troubleshooting tip for a relatively common problem.


Thanks Gordon Can you reply to the other questions I posted


Can anyone confirm that in the bloody build, no overclock setting is applied? I see 700MHz as CPU speed and if my memory serves right I saw 900MHz in the stable build.



I’ve not yet added that back in, was going to try to handle this as a sed script to the standard update process due to the fact that you don’t want to change things in config.txt if people make their own changes…



Thanks @Gordon . I do see that the performance has improved and the build doesn’t seem bloody at all, at least not as yet :smile: That said, is there any way that pressing play after seeking (forward or rewind at whatever speed) would play rather than pause? I think this is a Kodi issue, if I can all it that, but would be nice if this is sorted.

I intend to try out analog output tomorrow to test if it works and also plug in my Centrance DACport with additional power supply to see if that works. I’ll keep you posted.

Is there a roster of fixes that you are maintaining somewhere that we can look forward to?


I’ve got a list of changes I’d like to make although mostly they’re things you may not notice (it’s mostly behind the scenes things and changes that should help with updating etc)

So I’m interested in compiling a list of changes like the FF/Play thing, which I’m sure is a fairly simple modification it’ll just take a while searching for the best way to implement it. Usually you can implement something is one of three ways:

  1. hack it until it works
  2. Implement the proper solution understanding the underlying event management to make sure that’s the right way to do it
  3. Implement it in such a way that it is easily upstreamed and the change is easily patched into the upstream (this makes it easier because you end up with less conflicts in the future)