Bloody build updated to Kodi 15.1 - OpenELEC 6.0


There was one started a while ago, and then left alone: Latest Nightly Build - Change Log

That is the sort of thing I would like to see. @sarathchandars is this what you were thinking of too?.

@Gordon is this something you can maintain. That way we will know what to test for, and also be able to help with regression testing by seeing what may have changed and therefore help determine if that is the reason something else “broke” :cry:



Best place to put this stuff is in github issues

This way it can be tracked, assigned and implemented correctly


@Gordon, you mean like this?? [cough cough] :grinning:


I’m happy to hear that, I’m bit annoyed sometimes with the slowness of the box, when playing the sound start and takes 30-40 sec. for the video to appear and when pressing menu for subtitle or else it’s very sluggish and slow. was thinking of putting my Slice aside until the Pi2 module, my Pi 2 in my bedroom as none of this issues.



This could be caused by the following setting

Settings | Videos | Playback | Adjust display refresh rate

turn this off and test

you might need to enable expert to see these settings


Thank you @MikeBuzz will give it a try tonight, i hope you are right :slight_smile:


@Cecemf I don’t think I faced this issue even iwth the oldest stable build Slice shipped with. I hope Mike’s suggestion alleviates the trouble.


How can I modify the seek duration when I hit the left/right arrow keys and the top/bottom keys? In the latest bloody build left/rights keys seek 10 seconds (stable build did 30 seconds and I like that better) and top/bottom seek 10 minutes.

Thanks !





just create that file and stick it in \ip of slice\userdata


@MikeBuzz many many thanks !! Will future updates over write the file? If yes, is there a ‘permanent’ fix? Or am I asking for too much? :smile:


nope updates don’t touch the settings partition so these will remain :smile:


Cant wait for Kodi 16, as these will be configured in the gui


it worked, thank you :slight_smile:


Can’t for the life of me get into recovery to update. And don’t have a usb keyboard. Any suggestions?


Actually in Kodi 15 this already exists


We don’t have this in the Slice skin menu, do we?


Yep, i would guess only Kodi 15 builds

under XBMC settings, video, playback, you should have skip steps

you might need to enable advance or expert under settings level


Bloody build updated to top of OpenELEC 6.0 including a patch to fix the overclock settings, should now have correct overclock…

This is the first release candidate for a stable build

Please test!



downloaded, installed and plays music fine “out of the box”

I notice on the system info hardware screen CPU speed is 700MHz all the time. Should this change on overclock? Tested playing music CPU % ~25% and with playing music and a library rescan CPU at 100%.

I also noticed (on previous builds too) that the System Info CPU utilisation shown is somewhat higher than actual use as reported by “top” 15-40% more, and it varies depending which System Info sub screen is displayed. This implies that the display of the System Info pages uses a lot of CPU in itself and the amount of CPU as reported is therefore not accurate as a guide to how busy the Slice is when it is not displaying a System Info screen.

I also notice that the CPU line says CPU: CPU0: xx% I don’t recall seeing “CPU0” before… any significance in this :wink:

Still testing