Cases for Slice


Has anyone found a good carry case for their Slice?
Will be travelling with mine and looking to buy one.


@bm28 I have been wondering if a satnav case would do. Versions for a 6 inch satnav seem big enough and might have space for the power suppy and leads though the power supply might need to be disassembled. One example I found on Amazon is:


Might be worth checking out Camera carry cases, some good stuff out there with compartments that can seperate cables too.


I was thinking satnav or camera cases too, just haven’t got round to looking at any in detail yet.
We can start a thread in the Slice subforum for accesories like cases etc.


Um, Which protective cases?



Well I meant a specific thread saying “these cases work” for instance… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: