CEC HDMI (is Slice CEC compatible?)


Hi Ninjas, this is my first post and I need to compliment you for the great (on paper) work you have done!

Very excited to receive one in my home (is an important part of my DOMOTIC house).

QUESTION: Is Slice CEC - HDMI compatible?? (i have a TV Philips 55PFL7008 55’’ so im curios to know if i can use my TV remote or not)

Thanks in advance.



I have used Openelec on a Pi, which is pretty much what the Slice is based on. I used CEC (Anynet+ on Samsung TV) because it was built in to Openelec.
See http://www.gaducated.com/the-perfect-xbmc-setup-on-the-raspberry-pi/ and scroll down to “Remote Control”.


See also http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=39601 for info on turning subtitles off AND CEC control.


Thanks all I hope in a final release or update to have directly slice cec compatible :slight_smile:


solve all my remote problem buying NEEO :wink:


SAme here. I backed NEEO aswell


What does NEEO better then Harmony One (which I’m planning to buy)?


A lot :wink:

Look the video is enough to understand.


Looks good. You reckon it will work with slice?


I got in contact with the guy’s from NEEO. They would like to incorporate the Slice into it but they can’t get the code’s. They are trying to get into contact with the Ninjas…


Good. Hopefully they are given what they need


SLICE is the same keycodes as KODI/XBMC so that’s all they need > http://kodi.wiki/view/List_of_keynames and http://kodi.wiki/view/Keymap

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I’ve put your information in the mailbox of NEEO.
We both hope it helps.

THNX for the information.

Btw I got my philips remote to work with Slice, except for the NINJAS button. Any Idea’s?


You won’t be able to get the ninja button on a TV remote as you can’t customize it, CEC will do the basics only


Okay, haven’t got that much knowledge in this technology. Isn’t possible to know what the signal is that the Slice remotes sends towards the slice. The reaction of the slice is obvious, but when we know what the signal is, we can try to program our remotes to send the same signal?


It’s not an infrared signal it’s RF signal (radio frequency) therefor you can’t use that for your remote :frowning: sorry


Can anyone confirm that CEC will only work between TV and Slice if the AV receiver in between is CEC enabled too??

Since getting my new Samsung TV I have been trying to get CEC to work with no joy. The odd thing is that the TV recognises Slice (calls it Kodi), and then if I select ‘Slice Title Menu’ in the TV settings, the dashboard for a movie does pop up on the Slice.

So something somewhere is doing something!!


CEC never worked well for me, that’s on my LG TV or ONKYO Receiver. I used an universal Harmony remote, changed my life ! worth the extra money.

CEC is a technology that looks good on paper but doesn’t work in reality, all manufactures are implementing their own version and a lot of incompatibility occur.


Thanks Cedric @Cecemf, I suspected as much. Which Harmony remote should I go for?? The naming is very confusing.

Ideally I would like it to be able to control a PS3 as well, but it is not a game-breaker.

Other units are Yamaha receiver, Samsung TV, Slice and Sky HD+ box.


go for Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control (touch screen) with the HUB, got mine new from Ebay at £99

Works with everything I have including my PS3, Apple TV, Receiver, TV, Fressat, Sky,SLICE, HUE Philips lamps, Thermostat NEST…

You can check compatibility with the harmony website here: https://support.myharmony.com/en-us/compatibility