Does anyone use a VPN? Any recommendations on one to use? Can SLICE be set up to connect to a VPN?


Anybody? Surely someone?


Hi. I’ve had success using Private Internet Access and then following the instructions here to set it up


anybody has experience with VPN Manager?

Any VPN providers recommendations? What about IpVanish? Anyone with experience? thanks



I use a separate Pi as the access point to my home network. Search for Pi and VPN, here is an example of many VPN example

That way I can control my Pi system remotely whenever I need to. Advantage of the Pi approach: it is free :slight_smile:

Also has the advantage of safe internet use when using public WiFi as everything is encrypted back to my system and then goes to the internet from there.



Cool… My concern of such a implementation was always if RaspPi can handle all of the traffic and bandwidth without sacrificing speed of end users… maybe it is just silly thought, no? I am definitely checking this…

EDIT: just read it… It can be pretty useful when one needs secure connection at airports etc I guess, but not sure if it works if you want to keep your traffic encrypted when using Exodus or similar on Kodi, no? @g7ruh


@Ewoks, think of it as an encrypted tunnel from whatever device you have wherever you are back to the Pi at your home (or wherever). You are part of your home network and see it as if you were on the local network.

If you use the internet from your home it is as it normally is, the encrypted link from your remote device ends at the Pi.

Speed wise: I have not tried Kodi or similar so I cannot say if the Pi will be OK performance-wise. Certainly access to the LAN and internet browsing work fine on a Pi 2. Kodi would be encrypted too.



think I understood that correctly but maybe didn’t express my concerns precisely: if I am at home and using RaspPi as VPN, but RaspPi is using my default internet provider than encrypted tunnel actually starts from Kodi device, ends at RaspPi and traffic goes further over internet provider unencrypted, no? or I understood that wrong?

Otherwise when I am at airport I can connect to my home VPN and therefore have safe traffic to home preventing somebody at airport sniffing my data, but from home (where VPN RaspPi is) over internet provider traffic is again not encrypted.


Not easy to describe it or ask about it :slight_smile: Yes you are correct.

When you are at home, you use the network ‘as is’: no VPN. No encryption from VPN. If your internet link is already encrypted e.g. using TOR, then that stays the same. (BTW I would not be inclined to use VPN over TOR as TOR can be quite slow).

When you leave home, you use a device (laptop / tablet / phone /another desktop) which has the VPN software installed (I use OpenVPN connect client on my devices). You take the certificates which you created when you installed VPN on the Pi, a different one for each device, and use the client to import the certificates and then create the enycrpted tunnel.

You then access your network remotely and all traffic is encrypted from the Pi to your remote device. Safe Surfing :sunglasses:

Hope that helps explain it all.



yep… now is quite clear… :wink: thanks for all the effort to explain it…

It is very good idea and use…

In addition, last days I am slightly concerned about Exodus use, cause Internet provider can track all the traffic so I wondered if somebody has experience for such a VPN use…


of course the normal disclaimer: I am not condoning the use of an encrpyted link for any illegal purpose.

If you don’t want to be tracked for internet access you could always install and use the TOR browser which is Firefox based. That way everything is encrypted from the browser to the exit point in the TOR network and back again. I tend to try all this stuff so I can advise folk who ask me about IT related things.

Apologies as this is getting a little off-topic.



got that… and of course this VPN discussion is just for educational purpose, I wonder what is possible and how things work… I am not supporting or encouraging illegal activities of any kind.

Not seeing too much off-topic cause it is all about VPN and secure use of internet…

From my point of view Tor is “solution” with very narrow focus - working just for browser. More universal, working for any application on system (not just browser), is VPN service. That way whole traffic is encrypted. Although there is still privacy concern because whole traffic is going over some 3rd party servers (encrypted but there is no 100% guarantee what they are doing with it) for some people this can be useful solution.