Ethernet Gigabit via USB


I remember back on the comment section of Kickstarter we mentioned that for those that wanted a gigabit ethernet we could use a USB > Gigabit from Amazon and I think I did added to my wishlist but wasn’t sure,

Can you guy’s please confirm that it was this one :




That is USB 3.0 which may be overkill for the Slice (which is limited to USB 2.0) Of course sometimes faster devices behave better but then again quite often they behave worse!

I’d suggest checking out Raspberry Pi related discussions on the forums etc about these devices to find out which ones are best



Hi Cedric,

I remember the discussion and the link that Mo provided at the time was this one


You can’t never get Gigabit speeds over USB2.0 - USB2.0 max speed is 480Mbs…


that’s very true, however the discussion was around the ability to stream large files/Blu Ray movies and the USB 2 adaptor fitted that requirement.

over clocking the internal ethernet also made it possible…


Thanks @mystery66 :slight_smile: that was the one.

Even at 400mbts it’s better then 100mbts :wink: even more for large files.


Did anyone tried that Plugable usb 2.0 ?
Is it worth buying?

The ethernet speed to Slice is really annoying.
I also have a DUNE player that uses my ethernet and it gets up to 12 Mb/s!! speed transfer.
I wonder if you guys can increase the speed in any way ??


Can you be more specific in this? Is it worth?