[Feature] LED Progress Bar on Slice


An Idea, hoping was not already discussed.

Make Led to follow progress of playing video.



This is a good idea. Push notifications would be good too.


Yes that was something I was hoping to get around to soon, first though I need to finished pushing all my changes to the github tree

There’s not a huge amount to do now, but once it’s all up there I’m hoping I can get some interested parties to have a go at helping out as well (I’m hoping to get most of these changes into the upstream OpenELEC as well so we don’t have to maintain our own branch but we’ll have to wait and see about that



Please, please…not…

I want to watch the film, not a light bar! If this gets implemented, please include an option to switch it off…please…


I have no idea how a github tree works (love the name though), but I notice that there appears to be a simple app to control the LEDs coming - led_tools?

Anyone care to divulge more??!!


A Web app to control the LEDs was one of the stretch goals I think, hopefully this is the start of that development :smile:



am interested to take a look into what you’ve did with the current ws2812 features (f-forward, stop, etc) is this already pushed?


There is some info in the forum, I’m using the mobile version of the site and struggling to paste a link but search for ‘programming the LED magic’ that should help!



The current code that sets the f-fwd / rwnd etc isn’t in the tree yet (that’s the next thing for me to get onto once I’ve pushed up some of the changes we’ve made already)

But it is fairly simple… There are a number of .png files that contain the sequences, there is a default set in /usr/share/kodi/media/ledpatterns and you can create your own and save them to /storage/.config/kodi/media/ledsettings (doing this from memory so think that’s right)

The code reads all of those at bootup time and stores them in memory, when it gets a notification from Kodi (fast forward etc) then it writes each line to the WS2812 separated either by 16ms or the value in column 26 of the pattern.

Should have it in the tree soon…

led_tools are already in the source tree


This contains an application led_png which runs the png from the command line (i.e. ssh into your box and type led_png /usr/share/kodi/media/ledpatterns/ffwd.png



thanks for the extended info,
have to dig a bit how kodi does notifications (that i was looking for in your answer initially) and once the code is up am willing to take a look and see if it can be made a system service for practical fun.


Should be dimmed (really dimmed) or dimmerable. So I can turn off complete if I like to.


ninyule that’s of course common sense.
not looking for a light-bar either :smile:
what i’m looking for is a visual notification service like “transmission has finished downloading”, “library updated” etc.


This looks like interesting idea… Any updates on it? thanks


Not yet, another thing I’ve not yet had time to look into…