Hacking the core-need a read-write file system for development


Now my second Slice is ordered and my slideshow is playing nicely I would like to do a little skin customisation.

I really need to be able to make skin changes and see the results in real-time but I am unable because of the read-only root file system.

What is the best procedure to temporarily make the system read-write so I can make these changes, or is there A Better Way?

The primary requirement is to amend the audio ‘now-playing’ banner; either fade after a few secs, 75% smaller or much faded opacity so if anyone has any pointers to this, they will be much appreciated.

I only intend to use these Slices for continuous random slideshows with background music-nothing else.




To customise the skin you can create your own skin as a copy of the current one, and install it onto your Slice. It then gets stored in the /storage/addons folder which you can then access over ssh or samba…

Then you can make changes to the skin and reboot the Slice for the changes to take effect…



Ok, Thanks Gordon, and apologies for the silly question :0/


Gordon (or anyone out there) - could you possibly point me to a faq for ‘creating my own skin as a copy of the current one and installing it on my Slice’. I can’t seem to find any information for this on the forum (or elsewhere). I’m probably being a little dense here but I can’t work out how to do this. I have ssh to Slice (via WiFi) but can’t create anything on the ro filesystem.



The reason I needed to modify the skin was because the slideshow with background music worked perfectly apart from the currently playing song was constantly displayed over the slideshow. I was hoping to modify the skin to remove this. There is a variable m_songInfoDuration = 10; which from what I can gather should be the period of time the song info is shown, but it does not seem to work and stays on constantly.
In the end, changing the skin to confluence, while rather clunky, allows the slideshow to run with background mp3’s and no ‘currently playing’ info shown.

It would still be nice to be pointed to a faq, as my last post…


A bit out of date (refers to Confluence rather than Estuary as default Kodi skin) but this page may link to useful stuff?