Harmony 650 configuration for Slice


@ninyule First of all, many thanks for the configuration instructions for Harmony Ultimate. It worked for Harmony 650 as well.

Regarding the configuration for the Flip key, In the Keymap Editor, you mention in one of the steps “Select Action”. I don’t see a “Flip” action or I don’t know what is the Flip key called in Kodi-speak.

Also, I tried to experiment with configuring the Red-Green-Yellow-Blue buttons as shortcuts for Movies-TV-Music-Pictures in Slice. While Music & Pictures work, Movies doesn’t do anything apart from the usual system sound for a keypress and TV takes me to PVR. Can you help with these?


Blast, you caught me out Sarath ! ::grinning:

I deliberately left out the config of the Flip key because I don’t know its exact designation within Kodi. Clearly it’s some kind of back/forward menu command - LIRC calls it KEY_ANGLE which is of course no use at all.

I can only suggest looking all the way through the Navigation section of Keymap Editor and see if anything suits it.

Let us know here if you find something and I will add it to the wiki.

Re your RGYB issue, I suspect you would need a macro to get Slice to access the main menu icons - I assume you are trying to program the buttons to access the main menu from anywhere in Kodi??


I’ll try the other Navigation keys and revert back. But you may go ahead and update the wiki (if you think that’s the right thing to do) to mention that Harmony 650 also works.

Regarding the RGYB mod, I’m not just expecting to access the main menu but access specific options from the main menu. I’m expecting some sort of ‘macro’ but out of the box, it works for Music and Pictures. But I’d like to work for Movies and TV, which are what I use Slice mostly for :slightly_smiling:

At least for ‘TV Shows’ in Slice, I tried ‘Live’ and ‘Recorded TV’ in Harmony 650 but both take me to PVR manager. And for Movies all I get is a noise but not much else.