Harmony Remote with Slice IR & WMC IR in same room


I am running the bloody build, and the IR worked straight off the bat :smile:

I had an issue though, as I also run my Windows Media Center PC in the same room with an IR reciever, and using the Harmony or the WMC remote was controlling both the PC and the Slice at the same time.

I found this blog useful to allow me to change the ID of the WMC remote, so I can configure my WMC PC and Slice as a WMC Extender, allowing me to control either device independently.

I still need to get the harmony to learn the codes from the WMC remote so I can control the PC, but thats no problem.

Set Remote Control ID

Hope it may help anyone else who may be having this issue

EDIT I am using the Harmony Ultimate One


What function(s) does your WMC PC provide that Kodi doesn’t? Certainly in the UK WMC was a bust and in my case never performed very well anyway. It never made any inroads into the TV channel market because of Sky’s dominance.

To save duplication you could ‘convert’ the PC into an SMB server and stream its files through Slice instead…


I am migrating my TV recording to my NAS using DVBLink, which I have running through Slice using the PVR addon, but since its still a work in progress, I am sitll using my WMC in the meantime.

Just thought it may be some useful info in case anyone else runs into this issue.


Is there anything special you need to do to get it to work? Anything you need to enable or does Harmony now have the Slice in it’s option lists?


And the answer is using a generic Media Center (aka your Slice) to your Harmony remote.