Has Slice been abandoned?


Slices are still on sale on fiveninjas.com but there’s very little activity in this forum, very little or none over the past few months in the software repos on Github, bugs are not being triaged, and the latest stable build is from March. The “LED App” stretch goal never appeared.

There are still problems which prevent Slice being a “plug and play” solution (on mine, the /storage partition fills up regularly, for example, which brings everything to a screeching halt, and needs to be fixed via SSH).

Even during the days of activity, it did seem like Slice was a side project for some of the key Ninjas, in addition to the day job. Is anyone still working on the Slice? Are there any plans for future software or hardware (RPi 3?) updates?



Openelec which the slice software is based had come to a halt for a period
of time when all developers left to start up on their own.

One of the key guys behind Libreelec has a slice and has worked with Gordon
to get this working well with the Slice, more info can be found here



It’s not abandoned no. The stable build is still very stable, so there is no reason to update it, you may believe that there are significant new features available in later releases but there are also significant instabilities and changes in UI.

Our Slice skin will not work on the latest versions of LibreELEC and we do not have the money to pay for the update work so updating the stable will also mean depriving all users of the Slice skin. I don’t think this is a very good idea so I’ve not updated the Stable.

The ‘lead’ guy at LibreELEC has been helping out a massive amount with keeping Slice updated and I’ve been trying to get things working with him in such a way we can get it fully upstreamed. Once we have a proper release I can think about an easier update strategy…



Thanks for that update, Gordon, that’s good news :slight_smile: Is the Slice skin open source, such that perhaps other Slicers could help with the update?

If the RPi Compute Module 3 comes out, do you expect it to be hardware-compatible, and just require a software upgrade to work properly?


There is already a Slice 2 build which runs fine on CM3, that is what chewitt is using to test his builds on (he loves it!)

Unfortunately the media in the skin is not free, so we cannot just provide it to people en-mass. You can just rip it out of your Slice though and update it if anyone would like to have a try!



It really would have been great to know of these ‘speed bumps’ before placing my order. Of course, the things you mentioned had nothing to do with the Slice I received having a physical defect, absolutely zero technical support, no information included with the unit to explain that the media indexing process that Mo describes in his video does NOT ‘just happen’ as his clever omission and tricky editing would have us believe. And, also, if the orders are able to get to you guys and the units are able to ship, why are the incoming emails pleading for assistance IGNORED?

I could not possibly be more disgusted with this entire experience than I already am.