Having issues installing addons on Slice Build LibreElec (Krypton) v 7.90.009 [FIXED]


I’m currently on the Slice LibreElec Build v7.90.010 which chewitt has created And I absolutely love this build but I have a slight problem as when I am trying to install and addon , I am not able to do so because when I click install from zip file in the addons section , I don’t get a response and nothing loads up so I’m not able to install addons from other sources even though I have unknown sources checked .Also I wanted to install the universal movie scraper addon because I prefer it to TMDB but when I go into media settings , manage sources , videos ,movies , set content , choose information provider and when I click “Get More” , I don’t receive a response and it just backs out of the set content menu automatically so please can someone help me figure out how to deal with this one slight problem.

Thank You