HDD suddenly disappeared / un-mounted [RESOLVED]


I understand that will take time. But for time being i’m managing ok watching stuff off a usb stick.

I always make sure to eject.


I seem to have solved the issue by updating to the latest stable build and reformatting the Slice.


OK, I think that’s just coincidence, there is a clear reset / power up issue that needs fixing. Since I’ve seen the same problem with my Slice and latest Stable…



Today I dug out the Slice, interested to see if this had been resolved. After all, this problem was first reported back in august.

After a few reboots, I actually managed to access the drive, and thought I’d update the software to the latest stable build - but after install and reboots, I’m right back where I started, with no access to the local drive. Sigh. Guess I’ll pack it up again, and try in another 3 months.


Did you check the disk using a PC or MAC to confirm there are no errors on the disk?


It did that before plugging it in the first time (no errors found), but not after updating (which was done via the Slice interface). But if it is necessary to do the whole “check for errors, eject safely” each time I use it, I can’t see myself use it much.


My Slice was powered up for at least 4 months. I restarted It with no Slice-HD direcotry found. All the update was configure to install automatically.
So, I shutdown the Slice using the graphical interface button and after It’s shutdown, I unplugged It.
When I plugged It back, the Slice powered up and link the 2 To HDD and show the Slice-HD directory.


I use my Slice as both an alarm clock and music server. About three weeks ago my HDD also went AWOL.

After exploring the obvious, I eventually got out a copy of Spinrite (https://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm) to validate the disk. After 5 hours HDD surface errors were detected and repaired. requiring a couple of albums to be re-installed.

As an additional benefit the HDD seems to be more performant than ever currently.

Next task is to consider CM3 migration, and heat sink options.