Help Needed with Installing Stable Build, Please


when i try to install stable build on slice it comed up with needed 250 MB and available 0 MB and when i press install it wont install so what do i need to do in order for it to install please help if you know

Thank you


this problem is similar to this
but i used the normal noobs


i downloaded the copy of noobs from the github page but now it says i have not storage available to install a stable version of slice so please help and please show me what to do



So I would suggest reformatting the whole hard drive (i.e. delete the primary partition and reformat as a single 4G FAT32 partition)

You can do this using the SD association format tool (make sure you tick the size adjustment box)

Once you’ve formatted it copy and extract from

And copy this to the disk, then eject the drive (massively important!!!)