How about a "Beginners start here" section?


I’m a beginner on most of this - never had a Pi, never used iTunes, never had a Library (electronically), use Foobar on a laptop to pick which album to play through a DAC to a stereo, and like somebody else mentioned in an earlier post, could just about manage a message repeated on a BBC Basic. (And able to deal with the usual office software and GIS, so not a complete luddite.)

Whilst much of the information is out there I personally didn’t find it easy to know what you need to read, where it is, what order to do it in etc. I think it would be helpful to have a ‘Beginners Start Here’ section. Something along the lines of the following (preferably with a flyer printed in the box for good measure):

Your Slice is no longer Pi in the sky, and you don’t really know what you are doing? Read this first. Shhh, these aren’t instructions, really they’re not. Now woman-up and read.)

  1. Don’t just pull the plug out of the back when you’re stuck. It really upsets it. (Guess who did that. Nice friend re-installed for me.)
  2. There are some helpful videos on vimeo - watch them to get an overview. (Guess who only just found them having blundered through much of what they show you, in a combination of Help section and Forum.)
  3. Before you turn on for the first time, if you can, do it near your router so you can plug into it if the wi-fi doesn’t enable properly automatically - that would be a good safety measure. (See point 1.)
  4. See the section ‘here’ (can’t find it at the moment to link to) for which bit of the 3 part USB cable goes where. You can get it wrong. Really. (See 1. Nice friend reinstalled it for me - not sure if it was the plug pulling or the wrong plugging in that did it though.)

I’m sure there’s more, but really was thinking of getting somebody easily to pressing play on a track or film, depending what they wish to do.


I agree. I found this site: after I had accidentally messed up my slice and had to do the recovery process.


Two more to add to that, along with the ‘if you do get it wrong, got to…’ as suggested by @okichatan

  1. It’s designed to be left plugged in. It hibernates but wakes up at the press of the remote.

  2. Careful about reading stuff about issues and fixes. There were a lot of revisions, bug fixes, additions, misinterpretations before the current version was made. If it’s from an early conversation, try to check the information is still current.