How can I best add files to Slice remotely?


I’d like to set up Slice for my parents, but want to be able to add new (home) videos for them remotely (over the Internet, i.e. not just on the same local network).

Is there a good way to do this? It should be as secure and maintenance-free as possible for them, and should ideally involve no effort at their end, i.e. new files would simply appear in their Slice. I don’t mind if it involves more effort on my side.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


I wonder if the dropbox addon will work for you, from the information it suggests that it will synchronise files from Dropbox (but not up)…



Thank you very much! I will take a look. If that doesn’t work, I thought about connecting to the Slice’s local network (via VPN) and then accessing the Slice via ssh/scp.

However, I’ve read in the Openelec documentation that the ssh password is hardcoded, which I’m not so keen on. They suggest switching to ssh keys and disabling password access. Can I do this on Slice, and does it work the same?

I was worried that, if I make a mistake with the keys once ssh password access is disabled, that I won’t be able to get back in. In the worst case, can I use the Ctrl-Alt-F2 recovery console to re-enable password ssh access?


You can do a ssh from slice to you computer. Or from slice to a host in the middle and then from your computer to the host. There is a autossh addons for slice which allow to restart the ssh connection if there are network problems.

see here:

Then you can do a reverse tunnel in your local pc and you will be able to see the remote slice. It sounds fairly complicated but it is the best way I found so far to get around firewalls and so on.

For security you should disable the SSH password acess [from the GUI] and just keep the key based access.