How can you update to the chewits build of kodi 17 beta on the slice media player


Can someone please show me how to update openelec to librelec with kodi 17 because whenever I try to copy the tar file , I cannot find the the update share on my slice box even if I type the IP address of the slice media player so can someone tell me how to find the update share folder so I can copy the tar file

Thank you

New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]

Can you please help me because I can’t seem to find the update folder so that I can copy the tar file so can you give me instructions on how to access the the update folder because when I connected the slice to the PC with the USB cable and typed in the IP address of the device noting popped up


Just leave the Slice connected to your network, then type \ipaddress in
Windows explorer this will show you a list of shares, update will be one of