How to get a Slice Remote?


I didn’t end up getting a slice because right now I didn’t have a huge need for it, even if it is a super cool project. But what I did get is the remote and I love it! mine may have shown up a little bent (don’t know if transportation in a hot truck or something caused it to warp) but it works just the same, I actually love the button cell battery It’s lasted me forever. I love that it doesn’t have any air mouse or multiple modes. Those other ones need to be charged a lot, or need to be woken up, or when they do wake up they aren’t in the mode I left them in.

So this remote is awesome because the WAF is huge! My problem is, I can’t seem to find it anywhere. The kickstarter is over and I want to order a 2nd one. I’m guessing that this remote may already be made, and it’s just being rebranded, but even if it’s only through slice, the price is reasonable, where can I get another one?!



We were going to put it onto the website for sale, but haven’t got around to it yet (a few other things in the way right now!)

@Guru any comment?

But we will…



I suspect your remote has slipped down between the 1st and 2nd cushions and has now dropped thru and would be found either on the floor underneath or it is being held up by something shortly above the floor.

At least that is where mine was. :smile:



Currently owning a Slice from the first batch, I m also interested in buying an other remote or two.
I have “simple” raspberry2 in the bedroom sync’d to a Kodi database on my NAS.

I gave away my 2 first raspberry to friends and converted them to openelec but I can’t find a good, small and efficient remote like the slice remote. So this would be a good thing to buy for people who can’t afford a Slice (and maybe they’ll upgrade to slice after getting used to it)

So… With already 1 slice in my possession I could easily buy 3 more remotes!


No word on this then? I’d really like to buy a few remotes for other projects I have, can’t find anything as good as the Slice remote out there.


@Guru I’d buy another remote if they were added to the FiveNinjas store.



I’d also like to buy another remote when they’re available!


I have upgrade my remote control to this one : RC11 2.4GHz Android Wireless Keyboard Air Mouse Remote Controller With Gyroscope for TV Box. (

You just need to plug the USB receiver and work immediately. It’s a plug and play device.