How to install MythTV PVR server for the Slice add-on


I have found new information. Here : you can add the MyTV via command line on your Slice when you download Kobi command line addon. But this add on will only get the information from your orther computer. I found a tutorial that let you build a RaspberryPi 2 MythTV front end server that record your tv show and let It steam to your slice. The tutorial is here :,Here ;, is the configuration page for kodi when you have successfully add the add-on.This fallowing web site :, allow you to install the cheapest signal grabber for your raspberry pi. This signal graber cost only 6 us$ free shipping on alliexpress : Click here to buy one.


any practical experience? how is working so far? maybe some screenshot, detailed description would be useful for others to try it too…thanks


Actually, I did not proceed with It. The easy cap is only good to record low quality image. I needed to buy a HD signal recorder : HD easy cap recorder here.. I also found out that DVR is already use in most resent Kobi for the raspberry Pi. The mythTV need to be install on the Slice by using a USB thumb drive. I still did not add code or add the MythTV program to fit in the Slice because I lost the passion to watch TV. I’m now focus to learn DIY project and building daily project and work to buy stuff. So I have no need to continue the Slice/Myth project. Youtube have become my new TV and I pull the cable channel from my TV. Sorry for the new.


no problem… I feel kinda same about it, just wonder how was that working for others… thanks for feedback… Cheers


The MythTV Tutorial to code It is not longer available. I don’t know how long, but I tested It today and I found It.
1 years ago I save It to a DOC file. Now you can see It :