Hyperion ADDON for LEDs



So since LibreELEC recently integrated hyperion into the upstream I’ve decided to give it a try and see if I can get it working… Looks like it should be really easy to make it work with the Slice LEDs and even should work (given the right config file) with external WS2812B LEDs if you buy those sticky back LEDs…

I’m guessing this might be interesting!


Lightberry ambilight effect for all inputs

That’s great news! Please let us know how you get on. The prospect of LED “ambilight” was one of the things that really excited me about the Slice.

I already have a strip of suitable LEDs and a big PSU, so all I need is the software, and whatever buffer circuitry the Slice USB output needs.


Thats great Gordon!
Good luck with your dabbling


Which LEDs did you buy, can you give me a link?

One of the problems is making a suitable cable to plug into the LEDs because it’s not a standard one… To get that done I would probably have to have a minimum order of around 500 units… So not exactly ‘easy’



Great news, will these be fed from the micro usb port as originally planned?


Of course Gordon. They were from eBay, item # 401036907164 should find the right ones.

If you pm me a shipping address, I’m happy to post you my set of LEDs and the 8A PSU, to save waiting for the slow boat from China :joy:

I see it as my way of “sponsoring” the LED work. I want nothing in return, other than the hope that you can get it working for us all!

Cheers, Roy.


Thanks for the offer Roy, best wait for a while until I can find a method of getting hold of the OTG pin in the usb connector first.

On the positive side, I’ve got my addon working with the Slice LEDs (although I don’t quite have the colours right yet)



Well the offer still stands Gordon, just let me know when you’re ready.

Also let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I have pretty much zero electronics knowledge, but I am very handy with a soldering iron. Given a schematic, I can knock up a circuit on a bit of board!

Cheers, Roy.


No circuits required…

Just got it working, :slight_smile:

Obviously it doesn’t do a massive amount and ends up being a little bit annoying because it’s on even when it’s in screensaver mode (my screensaver is the photo browser one!)

But it does show that the proper full LED spectacle is possible… It’s just a matter of getting a suitable connection to the LEDs



Ah just found this…

So basically all you need is a strip of WS2812B LEDs and one of those (and some more software of course!)



It obviously helps when you know what you’re looking for Gordon :joy:

So is it really that simple? When the reactive lighting was talked about during the Kickstarter campaign, I seem to remember that someone said that the USB OTG output would need some sort of buffer circuit to reliably drive the LED strip.

This is getting rather exciting!

Cheers, Roy.



yes it should really have an external buffer, but I think it’ll work without one (the output frequency isn’t that high). But if we created it as a product then it would have to be done properly…



I’m going to track progress on this thread very closely and be the first to put my money down when @Gordon is ready to take it :slight_smile: Best of luck with your experiments!


I’ve been running hyperion on my slice for a while now (along with an ambiled kit).

Using these LEDS from aliexpress http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1m-4m-5m-WS2812B-Smart-led-pixel-strip-Black-White-PCB-30-60-144-leds-m/2036819167.html


I assume that to run Hyperion, with the ambled kit, you will lose the Slice skin?

Do you have any video of pics of the Slice operating your light show!
It would be brill to see it running.:boom::traffic_light::boom:


Here’s a video I took a while ago of hyperion running on the SLICE, unfortunately you cant see the SLICE in the video. I’ll upload a better one when I get a chance.


Thats looks great!
Thank you for the mini demo.
Does the Hyperion control just sit in the background always on or can it be turned on and off via?


I just ssh onto the slice and run a bash script to start it and load my configs as and when I need it, after i’m finished with it I stop it. I’ve also been able to control it using the hyperion android app, but using that I can’t get it to sync with the video, it’s still good just for a bit of a light show.


As LibreELEC seems to be making great strides adopting Slice,
is there any further movement on the external LED show that is being tempted on this thread?



Hi All,

It is highly likely I am just being stupid. I am trying to get the LED’s on my Slice to be a little more appealing. I have read through all the different threads on here and have come across Hyperion and mention of LED Tools. But nothing that really gives the general no programmer much help.

Can I get the Slice LED’s to work like ambilight? I have the hyperion plug in, but just fails when it tries to do anything… maybe a hostname issue…