Hyperion ADDON for LEDs


You can, but hyperion requires a special modification to work with the /dev/ws2812 driver

I’ve already had this working in the past, but not yet pushed into the build.



are there any news regarding external led strips?
i’ve been unsing ambilight(hyperion) with my raspberrypi for years now, with following configuration:

but as slice doenst offer those gpios (as far as i know) that wouldnt work for me.
what became of the tries with the microusb port?


I know @Gordon has done some work in the past on getting an Ambilight-like solution working on the Slice. At the time I offered to let him have my strip and other bits to experiment with!

Perhaps he can give us an update on any progress?


The end of the WS2812 LEDs is connected to the USB_ID pin of the uUSB connector on the back of the Slice. I have a suitable set of LEDs for this.

In the past I got it to the point where I was able to drive the LEDs but didn’t check the changes in.

Was going to pull the changes back out again… We’ll have to see…



any updates on this?


so i finally managed to get my ambilight working with Slice. After a little bit of research i found the solution with Arduino. As one cannot access the gpios of slice, the task of controlling the led stips had to be outsourced. i found a great forum post, that described every step to get it working. the led strip is connected to the arduino and the arduino is connected to Slice via USB.



Can you post some photos of the setup and the setup in action? Thanks !



Just like mentioned in my previous post, the arduino is connected to sloce via USB and LED Strip tot he Arduino. I therefore just made a pic from the arduino


Well done on getting it all working.

It seems a shame that you’ve had to resort to an Arduino solution though, when the hardware is already there in the Slice.

It’s a great shame that nothing ever came of the Slice “ambilight” option. For a short time it became part of the original Slice Kickstarter campaign, but then the idea was dropped.

I feel sure that had the Ninjas carried on and sold a plug and play solution for this, it could well have been the distinguishing factor that would have made Slice stand out from the crowd of media players.

I still love the idea of ambilight, but I’m resigned to the fact it will never be integrated into Slice. When I’m ready for my next TV, which will be my first 4K, I will definitely look at the high-end Philips models with ambilight.