Impression [after 6/7 months of slice]


Hi All,

just an impression about what SLICE change in my house after 6/7 months of use.

Unfortunately not so much, but is great start of a good project.

I feel slice little bit OLD right now.

What is missing on slice?

  • NETFLIX and other Streaming APP (i dont know how, but is something now is really needed everywhere)
  • POWERFULL HW should be good a discount upgrade for slice, i have some fullHD coded movie is gapping when reproduced, maybe NINJAS can sell (for kickstarter) a special price rasperry new HW (hopfully rp is not change ports position from old one so we havent to change case)

I dont know what is can be done from software upgrade and what really need hw.

My is only a impression i havent experience about what is really need (cost and materials) to realize that.
So take this like a point of, and not like a critical point only.

Hope can be helpfull.

Regards and thanks for your great staff.


personally I love it…use it most nights. I do like cutting edge and things to be up to date so any discount on hardware upgrades for kickstarters would be appreciated. I also need to give @Gordon a special mention as I feel he has put some amount of hours into this and is always improving things on the software side of things



You’re right I’ve spent a massive number of hours and personal money on this project but it has not really gone to plan in quite the way we expected.

Its a shame really because I love my Slice and use it pretty much every day. I’ve never had an issue with performance with any of the media I have and streaming services is not what Slice is about… Although current LibreELEC is working with Amazon streaming now so it’s probably not that far off (and it’s possible that netflix will be next)



All you are quoting wasn’t possible and never plan for SLICE so I can you be disappointed ?

All you mention above other do it, like the Apple TV for example.