In Car Slice - Slice Voltage/Wattage?


I’m thinking possibly about using the Slice as a Rear-Seat Entertainment system for the car. Can someone offer additional details on the voltage and wattage (power drawn) for the Slice?

Any recommended 12v connection options? Has anybody done this with a RasPi in the past?



The Slice will be supplied with a 5V 3A power supply. This is based on maximum possible USB power expectations which includes 1A to an external hard drive…

Internally Slice will only consume around 3W + HDD power which really depends upon use case but it peaks around 1A at startup and hovers around 300mA while running. Overall this shouldn’t present a problem for most in car power supply systems but you are going to need a UBEC or similar to convert from the 12V car voltage to the 5V for Slice



Really good idea for use of slice. One which I actually didn’t think about but with a 7 week old baby, one I will probably use it for in the not so distant future.



What’s your view on this one?



Yeah that’s the kind of thing I was thinking… Just make sure you connect it up well and fuse the 12V input side to around 2A, you’ll also need a 5/2.5mm jack to plug into the slice…



Maybe be I’m being cautious but I was thinking a 1A fuse inline on the 12V side.

This should give me 12W. Assuming 80% efficiency on the UBEC that’ll be 9.6W offering just under 2A @ 5V. This should give me about 45% more headroom than what you’ve suggested the Slice will use at drive startup.

Is my thinking wrong? Is there a reason for 2A? Have you based this on the 3A your deploying for the mains powered Slice.

As its in the car I thought I’d be a bit more conservative.

Thanks for the help and advice here.



I just used that as a suggestion based on maximum limit, I don’t know exactly your setup, if you’ve got nothing high powered plugged into USB then you should be fine with 1A



Superb… thanks for all your help :smile:


I am probably doing the same, so eager to see how this works.


Another thought - it would be great if it could mimic Android Appradio for car usage. I expect this is going to be at the “never do it”/“lowest priorirty” type feature level - but one can dream.


Hi @Gordon, do you know where we could buy (or could you try to sell it in your shop) a cable that supports USB to barrell to power the Slice when on the road by using either battery packs or 2/3A USB power supplies. Everything that I found so far is only good for 1A or less because of the high resistance of the cable used (28AW). Example: (see 5th review).

I just want to minimize power supplies when travelling and I already have 2A power supplies for my phone / tablet. Thx for your help


Sorry we don’t have anything available and haven’t sourced anything as yet.


Thx. If I find something suitable I will report back.


@jg I’d suggest you just give it a try. I’ve been waiting for the Ninjas to start selling spare PSUs so that I can keep one for travelling, but it’s not happened as they’ve been rather busy :grinning:

Like many people, I’ve got a big box full of miscellaneous computer, audio and video cables I’ve accumulated over the years. I went through my box and found what appeared to be the nicest-quality USB cable in there, chopped off the mini-USB end, and soldered on a Slice power connector.

The wire wasn’t the thickest, but after trying it (power from a battery pack) it works fine. The Slice is quite happy and stable, and nothing even gets warm. This will allow me to use Slice on the road without having to extricate the original PSU from behind the telly!


Great. Thx. I may try the same.

I have one of those cables with two USB ends (power + data and power) and Mini USB on the other end that could be ideal.

Do you have a 1TB disk or 2TB?


Mine was a diskless Slice, but I’ve fitted the same 2TB Samsung drive the Ninjas are using.


I haven’t tried one, but I think this might be of interest:



Presumably this would need a psu rated at 5V 3A ?? Or would 2A be ok as long as an external drive is not connected to Slice? Many people would have an Apple iPad charger which is rated at 2A…


I’ve run the Slice for several hours using a USB battery pack. The quoted maximum output of the charger pack is 2.1A @ 5V. Everything was fine, stable playback and nothing even got warm.


Thanks for the feedback!