In Car Slice - Slice Voltage/Wattage?


I don’t think this 2.1mm barrel connector will fit. The Slice uses a 2.5mm centre pin, from what I remember. Perhaps a Ninja can confirm?


I would just like to point out that we’ve recently received a Slice returned from someone who bought it second hand from EBay. It’s quite obvious that the previous owner (who tried to sell it through the forums) tried powering it either from 12V or by wiring it backwards. The device has a protection diode that got destroyed (although it’s possible that the rest of the device is now destroyed)

Just to be clear if you blow up your Slice wiring it up with a non-standard supply we will not fix / replace it on warranty.




Thanks Gordon, fully understood - at our own risk etc!

I would point out though that I wouldn’t have bothered even trying this had I been able to buy a spare official Slice PSU, something I first requested many months ago!

I realise you’ve all been very busy with the delays, but in my view supporting your product with availability of accessories in a timely manner is very important.