Is a New Version available?


is there any new build available than the 20160306?
in the noobs menu there is only the stable INSTALLED item.


You can update to this build. How Slice/LE things update via noobs is not done yet.


If you download the file that chewitt links to you can copy it to the update share (if you connect to Slice from a PC or MAC then you should see the update folder, just copy the .tar file into that directory and the new update will occur when you reboot your slice)

If you have trouble or are unhappy with it you can go back to Stable through the noobs interface



Thats just perfect.
This was a very straight forward update to Kodi 17 and LibreELEC.


How did you find the update folder because when I connected the slice hard drive to my pic with a USB cable all I could see were my normal folders which were movies , music and etc


Using the update folder is when you connect to the slice over the network,
update is a shared folder