Is it possible to remap Slice RF-remote buttons? [RESOLVED]


Got my Slice at monday and have been slowly getting know this impessive little device and the XBMC. I am using Slice as a head of my barebone “media center”. Meaning that I’ve got Slice, display and pair of active speakers.

Because I don’t have A/V-amplifier, adjusting volume is unpractical without volume buttons in remote controller. I guess one needs to have separate wireless keyboard or have computer connected to Kodi’s web server to adjust volume.

This got me thinking, would it be possible to remap buttons of RF-remote to have volume adjustment buttons in remote controller?
Remote controllers bottom row Rewind and Forward buttons are kind of unnecessary for me and could be sacrificed and used as volume buttons instead.

So far I have only found button codes for the rewind and forward buttons.

Rewind: 19
Forward: 33

I could not figure out what to do with codes, because I could not find any config file relating to RF remote controller from Slice. Is there any sort of configuration file in Slice for mapping the RF remote codes to XBMC?

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There is indeed a file you can add to change the keymapping…

I’d suggest you start here:



Thank you for the link Gordon.
I would not mark this issue solved yet.

So far I have managed to create a .xml file which changes volume up and down keys from my wireless Logitech keyboard. This was done to test if I can make keymapping functioning at all.

Following is the code to switch wireless keyboard + and - functions together and assign mute to u key.

Slice:~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps # cat rf-remote.xml 


Breakthrough is close. with the following code, remote controllers rewind and fastforward buttons adjust volume when I am in menu, but not while I am in fullscreen video.

     <key id="61522">VolumeDown</key>
     <key id="61510">VolumeUp</key>

I think I have most of the pieces of this puzzle figured out. Now I just need to figure out, how to make buttons work in video mode. :smile:


Er, there’s a link on the page Gordon posted that describes an official add-on keymap editor…


Oh. Silly me. I completely missed the obvious solution, thinking it can’t be that easy :flushed:
Working just as wanted now.

Thank you @ninyule for pointing that out for me :smiley:

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There are massive assumptions being made of user knowledge in that article. It just links to an add on which is pretty cryptic to use.

There are currently no buttons mapped on the Slice remote which move to next music track, or skip back to the start of the current track. Both RW/FF buttons and the fwd/back arrow buttons just move through the track, not skip.

So, I installed the keymap editor.

First screen, simple (edit/reset/save). Hit edit.

Next, “Select Window to manage shortcuts”.

  • What “window” do I change for the remote? Or is this to do with the functions? Where to I work this out? There are loads of options (Global/Fullscreen video/Fullscreen live tv, Home, programs etc).
  • I’m assuming I need Music OSD? (but I actually have no idea!)

Next is more options (Nav, Playback)

  • Not sure which does what here, so going with Playback

Play back has options in it that I though would be mapped but aren’t (Play and pause for example? Or perhaps they are on a default you can’t see here?)

  • There is next and previous, which I’m assuming they are the ones I want.
  • edit on them and I seem to be able to use the remote to assign a button

Save my changes.

Head back to the track… and pressing my newly assigned next track button fast forwards instead.

I’ve no idea how to work out which is the right “window” to use, beyond going them loasd of them and changing them, but will I then accidentally overwrite commands I need?


I’ve just tried Global, Player controls, music OSD and Seek bar and have no success.

Any one know which “window” I use?


Found it! “Player Controls”.

Interestingly while browsing the Official Kodi site, I couldn’t find a page which actually told you the name of the windows. Just assumed knowledge?