Is it possible to update?


I Attached a screenshot from my Slice. I searched the forum to what version I could update my Slice. But the only conclusion I have it that I have to download and install it. The way i have to do it is rocket science to me. I’m not a Linux guy. I have no intention to install CM3, so this is not a solution either.

So is there a way to upgrade?



It’s not clear if you want cm3 or not there are two builds one for cm1 original a the other for cm3


Sorry. I saw it changed no to “to”. I have a cm1 and it works perfect. But I would like to update. I will checkout the link from chewitt. I was hoping for a simple update button. But i guess the slice team doesnt update the builds anymore.


Is this the only thing I have to do? I read the Flashing the Compute Module eMMC, but I think this is already there.

Manual Update for LibreELEC (CM1 or CM3) or Migration from SliceOS (.tar)

Copy the manual update .tar file to /storage/.update/ or the “Updates” samba share before rebooting the Slice box to start the update process. Please pay attention and download the correct file!

CM1 cards: LibreELEC-Slice.arm-8.2.3.tar (info)


Yes. That’s all there is to do.