Is there a way to turn on your slice media player without switching it on by turning on the power all the time


So I’m wondering if there’s a way to turn on your slice media player box after you have shut it down from the menu but you haven’t switched off the power for it so would I still be able to turn it on via a remote control or would I have to switch it off via the socket and switch it on again . I know it sounds a bit confusing but basically I’m asking if you can turn on the slice media player with your TV Remote , if it has been turned off via the menu because I don’t want to keep my slice running 24/7

Thank You


Slice is not meant to be turned off as it has a very low power consumption.

When you shut down via the menu the operating system is shut down, so can no longer be woken up unless it is repowered.


Was always bothered by that as well. So I cut the power cable and added a switch there, so I do not have to unplug / plug every time (and risking breaking the connector). Probably not approved solution but it works for me.