Issues with crashing and connecting to network


So recently I have been having issues with my Slice Box.
What has been a pretty great media centre box is now giving me the shits and I am about to smash it!

My box has been intermittently crashing when accessing certain network folders. I get the “Working…” box on the screen and after a second or two it freezes and I have to power cycle the box.

When I power cycle now, it seems that Kodi is not automatically connecting to the network as it once did. I have to go into the Kodi Settings App and reconnect it to the network manually (ethernet).

Now tonight I have sat down to watch a movie, and it is in a continual loop. Crashes when I try and access a movie folder on my NAS and then when I restart I have to reconnect it to the network, only for it to crash once again!

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


Are you running out of memory on the storage partition? This will result in fairly random crashes…

Have a look in the system information (in settings) and see how much of the partition is available…



Plenty of storage and memory available, no problem there.


Is anyone able to help?


Only issues I’ve seen like this are when I changed the subnet on my local network. So the problem was the IP addresses had changed and all my references were by IP address.

Clearly you don’t have the same problem but it might be related…

For me the resolution was to reset the box (from the OpenELEC / LibreELEC settings dialog) which will lose your library and sources. You could try saving away sources.xml from the configfiles share and checking that everything is correct.

This is likely to fix the problem even if it’s unrelated because the other possibility is something a bit broken with one of the addons or the Kodi settings which can have similar symptoms…