Kodi 16 Jarvis Released!


Gordon will there be nightly soon with Kodi 16. ?
Jarvis solves all my music database issues.


Unofficial builds here


Official builds of Kodi 16.0 has been up for about two months…

I don’t understand what you’re asking?


Ah, I see that OpenELEC have fixed their branch…

Basically it won’t be much different to the current nightly since I built it last week



Hi Gordon,

Kodi 16.0 has just been released yesterday and I have installed it on my PC and Cubox. I would also like to know when it becomes available for the Slice. I have just installed your nightly built which is still Kodi 15.2 version of 20160214.
Since the Slice skin has too much limitations in comparison with the actual function of Kodi as available in most other skins, I am using Confluence and feel no need for Slice skin/software.
To upgrade my Slice will I always be dependant on Noobs install and Slice software buillts, or is there some direct way to install Kodi and or Open Elec? Windows and Android are so easy to update and Noobs is not that bad but I feel I am always behind and not at the same Kodi level as my other devices with my Slice.
Since I also don’t use the Slice remote I would like to use Noobs without the use of the Slice remote. So far I have not found a way to use the little keyboard I use to control my Slice. Maybe that is because the keyboard is only recognized after start up?



You can use standard OpenElec but you will lose the LED lights also think sound might not work 100% as it does in Slice builds.

as for updating this can be done within Kodi, just go in to Slice Settings, and you should have the option to check for updates, you can also swap between stable, nightly and bloody all with out using NOOBS


Just checked I had the bloody installed and the nightly seems to be Kodi 16.0 but has date of 20160130. Cofusing!
LED lights are no must to me but just an unnecessary gimick. Currently I have been updating during the startup up of the Slice pressing the 5N button. This works well, but only when the remote is lucky enough to get a connection.
I have set the auto update functions as you mention, but that does not seem to work as I expect e.g I am just set back to stable built unintentionally.
Remains the question; is there a way to avoid using the Slice remote when I update within the Slice boot option…


Stay with Nightly and press the check for updates button in OpenELEC settings.

Answers you were looking for:

Kodi 16 has been available for around 1 month on Nightly, no-one should be using bloody unless I specifically ask them to, that is a development build which is currently pointing at stable

The problem with entering NOOBS will be because you have both remotes plugged in, NOOBS will only take keys from one of the keyboards plugged into the device.



Hi Gordon,

Firstly, I was merely messing around with the Nightlies and Bloodies to see if Kodi 16.0 was already implemented.
And yes it is in Nightly, still with Kodi 16 as a release candidate. So maybe I should have asked the question differently.

  • When can we expect an official 16.0 released 21-01-2016, Slice version or how long will that useually take before you have made that.
  • Keyboards useually don’t have a Ninja button. What key or -combination should I use. ( or will I always be bound to the remote when I want to try a nightly ( or Bloody - dare I ask)
    The check for updates downgrades the Nightly 16.0 version to Stable 15.2.
    So I have to switch auto update off if I want to stay on 16.0 I guess, making it unclear when you come up with 16.0 stable.


I tried to update from open Elec. However it does nothing. iT seems your 20160130 Build is stuck at Kodi 16 RC-1
no newer build seem to be available on the nightly.


any recent updates on this?

@Gordon is there some up-to-date changelog/description/bug-fixes list where we can see what changes are included in the newest stable/nightly/bloody version?

I hope you can auto-generate something like this from your issue tracker in few minutes, no? Cheers