Kore™,Official Android Remote for Kodi




Anyone been able to check whether this works with Slice??


I have and works as expected, the remote app actually has a number of benefits and features. Not sure I will use many but offers a good alternative to the standard remote.

I have used when I know I needed to type things in, a lot easier on a touch screen.
Like my very long WIFI Code.
Browsed for other media on Slice while watching another is also helpful

Will have a good test at some point.


As an unofficial remote for your Android devices, you can use Yatse.
The free version is quite sufficient and come without any ads.

You can also install a Yatse plugin on your phone to pause the video when you receive a call. There is a notification on screen showing who the dialer is… Video plays again if you deny the call or when the call ends.