Hi, I’m curious if the LED app will be available at launch or at a later time ? Also how would it work ?


Apart from the fact that we know there is going to be an app…we haven’t really heard much else about it. I’m assuming the reason for this is that it has been put on the back burner temporarily so that they can focus on the core product and reduce the shipment delay as much as possible. I imagine once SLICE has shipped the app will follow closely behind.


Exactly right :wink: We will be supplying the LED editing app down the line, as promised, but we are concentrating on getting the core components of Slice sorted first - i.e. Case, software, PCB etc.



Which OSs will you support? Personally I use Windows Phone 8 and a MS Surface / Windows 8.1. Thus I hope that you won’t only support iOS and Android.


Same Phone here, would be nice to see a Windows variant


the app is only on paper at the moment and from what we understood the idea was for it to be a webapp so would work on any phone with a browser. But until they work on it things could still change.


When will be available Led app?


Do we have a date for the app?


No we don’t I’m afraid.


Are there any updates on this yet?


I wonder as well about updates. thanks Mo


No updates on this one I’m afraid.

I wouldn’t hold your breath :slight_smile: