LibreELEC 8.0.1 is out... (CM3 improvements)


What is the difference?
I have my Slice running LibreElec to auto-update, should it be turned off and only Chewitts builds loaded?


I don’t think that will be required, @keithM. My system has been auto-updated to 8.0.2 !


@chewitt In 8.0.2 the LEDs aren’t working for any action. Something that is known?


I’m not aware of issues because my Slice hardware died (suspicion is that kids or wife connected a same-connector 19v WeTek PSU to the box) so I am dependent on others testing that images work before release; and the one other staff member with a Slice didn’t flag anything to me.


NB: The settings add-on does a check on startup so people might need to reboot for it to ‘see’ there is an update available. I will remove the “slice builds” folder on my subdomain website later and create a proper downloads page ~ else I will forget to update it again (and again). There is nothing special about the builds on that page it’s the same image that’s available via auto-update.


i.e. “the Slice build” was released at the same time as all the other builds


I’ll re-check if the LED’s activate just to confirm. As yet, I’ve restarted a couple of times and usually I get the welcome “bing” AFTER the LED array show ends. That didn’t happen so I suspected something was amiss.


I autoupdated few minutes after posted comment here and it went smooth without any issues


Just confirming that I’m also not seeing the LEDs anymore. Manually updated via libreelec after checking for update. Running with CM3.


Same here, no lights. Used auto update this time. CM3


I think this is part of this problem I tested 8.0.2 and get no audio on the 3.5mm jack.

I recall similar issues when we were testing the libreelec build that @chewitt was helping with. It was a missing or wrong file, possibly a RPi one used instead of the Slice one. On the linked page is a link to the bug I have reported over at the libreelec forum.



The LED problem has been acknowledged as an issue as well as the audio. chewitt has explained what will be done here



The awesome @chewitt has updated the Slice 8.0.2 release and the audio and LEDs work as they should.

just downloaded via the GUI available updates. It is the 8.0.2 update which works now. It does not give a different version, just update to 8.0.2 and your audio and LEDs should be back to normal. Mine works fine.



PS FiveNinjas, chewiit is after a slice lite kit to replace his dead hardware, I vote he should have one as he provides awesome support for the Slice Libreelec build. I hope y’all can see your way to giving him one.

PPS the link to chewett’s build at is now dead, see post no 6 at


Thanks Roger for the update and logging the issue. Thanks Chewitt for fixing this so quickly. LEDs working now.



Glad the problem is fixed by Chewitt. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to reach the download directory anymore. I this me or is Chewitt really so mad with us that he took the download directory off line, I cannot imagine that! I have always relied on his work and now feel that maybe I did not show enough appreciation.


You just update via the normal LibreElec mechanism, no need to download Chewitts build from the old download directory anymore, which is why it has gone.


Or you can download from here. The original link was put up during beta testing of chewitt’s Slice build and as he says here it looks much better than the other page.

Which comes from the download page here and select FiveNinjas Slice from the drop-down box.



Thanks Roger. As I had already updated, the auto upd. mech. did not work anymore. I really needed the tar file to copy that into the update folder.


I already had the previous 8.0.2 update, so I switched my LibreElec updates to manual, set the Channel to 8, and then it listed all the version 8 releases.
Selected 8.0.2 again, and it updated to the fixed build.
Turned auto update back on again.