and how it affects you



So many of you may have heard that there has been a disturbance in the force as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror.

Actually it’s not that bad, from the outside it looks like OpenELEC (the software that we modify to create the Slice software) have had a split and most of the devs have forked OpenELEC and moved to LibreELEC. For more information please read their frankly awesome explanation:

So where does this leave us, obviously I’ve got a decision to make, either to stick with OpenELEC or jump ship to LibreELEC.

For the moment, I’m transitioning the nightly build to the new LibreELEC and leaving the Stable build (unchanged and with no further updates). Once LibreELEC make an official release branch of Jarvis (currently it is still running off the master branch) I’ll think about updating Stable as well, but only if I believe it will be backwards compatible.

Thanks, hope this makes things clear!



Glad you on the case @Gordon. I’m not going to worry about what’s best as I know you will make that decision.


Hi @Gordon

I have already a build up based on LE, the only issue i am facing is with the LED’s, i believe this is being caused by the following changes upstream

should the following patch just be changed to match the new upstream



I’ve already pushed the changes to the master branch in github… There are a number of problems including renaming loads of stuff in the skin as well so you should just rebase my branch. This is also available as nightly



Hi Gordon, thanks for making this clear.
I hope that you are able to keep things moving along smoothly, especially for if you produce a CM3 version/update that’s not too pricy, as I believe we need at least Jarvis to make use of all the work being done on decoding h265 compression.
Thanks for the update. Kevin.


I will check that now, have a great Easter everyone :slight_smile:


I will submit a PR as there is a few bits still missing :slight_smile:

Just seems several png files are missing from your Slice master commit, not sure why these only seem to be affected,


Yeah there’s a bunch of stuff not quite right yet, will take a little while but the changes are minimal



i have a build done, just missing the updated skin :slight_smile:


OK, have now implemented the changes, need to recreate the unlicensed skin, that’s the only thing missing


May I ask (in my stupidity) what is the “unlicensed skin”?
Is that the Slice ‘look’ that is not standard in LibreELEC.


The official Skin is using both licensed fonts (i believe) and licensed backgrounds, where as the open source skin is using free backgrounds and fonts


Thanks Mike for the insight!