Life of Slice after CM3


I didn’t want to hijack the thread with people trying to get their CM3s up & running for this. How has CM3 changed Slice? I’m in India and getting my hands on a CM3 is something that’s far into the future, unfortunately.

Slice has become an integral part of my living room setup and it pains me to learn that Pimoroni might shut it down. I appreciate @Gordon’s efforts to make Libreelec available to those who still see Slice as the amazing device that it is.

@Gordon I may be asking for much here, but is there a chance that Slice’s schematics can be open-sourced?


Unfortunately the IP for Slice was sold on, so we can’t release the schematics. But if you’d like to buy the PCBs then there is still significant stock available.

In the end Pimeroni either selling them or not will not effect me or James or any of the other Slice owners out there (such as the awesome guys at LibreELEC) so although you may not be able to buy new ones, they’ll stay supported (which is the important bit!)



I’m really grateful for how you and the awesome guys at LibreELEC for offering the support that keep Slice up-to-date.

If I may ask, you once hinted that you are are trying to get an image of Volumio created to support Slice, which I think would be a phenomenal use case, given the high quality DAC present in Slice. Is this still on the cards? Say a dual boot with LibreELEC and Volumio.


I did have a look at the Volumio stuff but unfortunately there was no useful method of porting it to the Slice hardware in such a way that we would easily provide updated Slice builds from the upstream releases.

So unfortunately not



As much as I like Kodi, i woud have loved to get a Plex running on Slice. But as it’s closed source (as far as I know) it’s pretty much not happening


I’m pretty sure someone tried running it and it worked fine, have you searched the forums?


Plex for the RPI is based on Libreelec so should work fine, another option
is to look at


Kind of have missed that one totally. But i guess it doesn’t support CM3/RPi3 yet?


The RPi2 version should work with the RPi3


Can confirm that RasPlex- runs perfect with the CM3 module.
Been running it now for 3 days with out any probs. Plays everything I throw at it. :slight_smile:
Erverything bar the LEDs work just perfect.
I havent seen the Temp go over 62° C.
Plays everthing on my Plex Server with no lags.
I’ve got the License keys set up and am now a Happy man :wink:
Been wanting to this for quite sometime as I love the Plex idea.
Running the Slice with the Plex Black Skin.


If someone can give me a tip on how to get the Leds to work that would be just perfect.
All I want is to have one Led on to Show if the Slice is powered up or not.
More Infos on the LEDs would be just perfect.
Thanks Skipman :slight_smile: