Lightberry ambilight effect for all inputs


Has anyone tried using Lightberry or Hyperion in the lightberry method? I have been looking into the best way to make my tv have an ambilight effect for everything I watch on it and the Lightberry method seems the easiest and most likely to work with the slice. I only am confused however on how to config files on the slice without obvious access to terminal.


Is this thread any help?


Kind of how ever I had already read through that one and it and there wasn’t really much detail to it. Also no mention on if they were able to get a usb grabber to process input from an external source. So I started a thread to consolidate that and as I do it to document the process so other’s could more easily.

Speaking of which, once I figure out how to access the terminal on the slice and figure out how to get hyperion running I have already nailed down a supply list that makes for a cheaper alternative to the lightberry kit minus the upgrade in the amount of LEDs. (any UTV007 chipset will do)

With this and a switcher one should be able to use the Slice also as a brain for an ambilight effect for ll inputs.