Looking to buy slice


Anyone looking to sell a slice? Looking for preferably a black one but open to ither colors. With or without harddrive.


I have one, but I’m in Australia so postage might be a killer depending where you are.


How much for it? And what color is it? Does it have a hardrive?? Im not to worried about shipping depending on how much it is lol. Is there any way you could send me some pics of it?


Where are you located? I have a spare CM1 version almost as new. Can’t remember if it has a disk in now or not. And I’ve even forgotten what color it is…
My own is upgraded to CM3 with my own cooling mod as shown elsewhere.
I’m based in Tx, USA and don’t really want to ship internationally, although UK is an okay option.


Im in the US. Cali. How couldni go about upgrading it and doing the the cooling mod myself?


Mine is black with no hard drive. Make me an offer or PM me.


You’ll have to order a CM3 from element14 or RS in UK There are whole threads about cooling mods. Just search ‘cooling’.


I have one black with 1TB hard drive. Haven’t updated it to CM3. I’m in the UK. PM me if you’re interested.