Lots of cool new case pics!


Hi everyone … I took these (in my kitchen) for a bit of upcoming press :wink:

These are pretty much the same as what you’ll get - although we have tweaked the black finish slightly and finely aligned the rear ports.

Enjoy! Mo

p.s. may also include these in a new update.


Sorry some of these are very similar - almost duplicates - but hey you get to see it all :wink: Mo


They look so perfect !!!


Pretty! Any more news on potential delivery dates?


Not as of yet. Hence the lack of updates :slight_smile: we are simply waiting for parts to be delivered now. We are primed and ready to assemble and deliver as soon as everything lands with us. Mo


Cool, thanks for the info :smile:


Pics look real nice, really glad I went with red, nice kitchen units as well @Mo


The kitchen units aren’t available I’m afraid - either is this special edition of Slice, with added external cooling. :wink:


Yay, I have the same screwdriver set as Mo, does that make me a Ninja too? :smile:


The do look lovely. The red looks particularly nice. I’m rather regretting going for the grey.


The grey looks great too :wink: My current personal unit I use for testing is grey. The red and the grey are my two favs though.


Yeah, I love the red one too. No chance of changing this @mo?


I have the same one too :slight_smile:


Yeh, kinda regret going for black now.


I think you can still change the color in the Kickstarter profile but not sure :smile:


@mo can you confirm this?


Sorry missed that one - unfortunately there is no option to change colours through the kickstarter system.


No worries @Mo.

I emailed someone over at VinylSkins.com, regarding the possibility of making a skin to fit slice but he was asking for information that I don’t have such as scan. Is there any way we can get this or will I have to wait for my Slice to arrive? Here is the email:

Thanks for contacting us! It looks like it would be easy enough to make a skin for since it’s a basic shape. The only issue is that in order to make a skin, a template has to be made which requires me to either have the object in front of me or receive scans of the device.
The way the scans work is you would set the device on a flat-bed scanner and scan all of the sides. Once we get those images we can create skins for the surfaces provided. We appreciate you contacting us and please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you, we’re happy to help :slight_smile:
On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 5:13 PM, ******@gmail.com wrote: Order Number: Name: John Gallagher I was wondering what would be the chances of you creating vinyl skins for this http://fiveninjas.com/ If you cant can you point me in the direction of where I could get these made

Also curious as to weather any discussion has been had on the subject of the 5ninjas shop, such as what accessories/extras you are planning on selling.


I don’t get it. Why would would you put some cheap plastic sticker on top of the beautifully crafted anodized aluminium of your Slice?? It turns the whole concept upside down…


I know exactly what you are saying, but the same argument goes for why do people cover their mobile phones. Mainly to protect it, but also because I like the option to change things from time to time.